Monthly Archive:: June 2015

U.S. schools to offer Chobani yogurt as meat replacement

Mike Groll/AP Chobani was chosen by the federal government to supply the Greek-style yogurt as part of its school lunch program. Vanilla yogurt — it’s the other, other white meat. Public schools nationwide will offer Chobani yogurt

EL James catches flack during #AskELJames chat

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images British author EL James was blasted by critics about the sex and violence in her “Fifty Shades” series during a Twitter Q&A on Monday.  Chuck Zlotnick/Universal Pictures Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele and Jamie

Michael Cerveris hosts Nat'l H.S. Musical Theatre Awards

“I’ve been Sutton Foster’s stand-by for the past several years,” joked Michael Cerveris. The role of Sutton Foster will be played by Michael Cerveris on Monday night on Broadway. The “Fun Home” star steps in for Foster,

Brazilians hang off 3000-foot cliff, snap selfies

Caters News Agency Leonardo Edson Pereira hangs off the end of the Pedra de Gavea cliff in Brazil — using only his two arms. Hanging off a 3000-foot drop straight into the ocean with no support, this

Lenovo wants your help to decide if it should make this sweet retro ThinkPad

Share This article IBM’s ThinkPad embodied the pinnacle of functional laptop design throughout the 90s and early 2000s. After the sale of IBM’s consumer division to Lenovo, the new ThinkPads have gone in a different direction —

Hobbyist drones force tankers to abandon wildfire-fighting efforts

Share This article Hobbyist and civilian drones have become quite popular in the last few years, thanks to falling prices, improved reliability, and growing interest from companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google. Tension between drone operators and

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