Monthly Archive:: July 2015

Demystifying DirectX 12 support in Windows 10: What AMD, Intel, and Nvidia do and don’t deliver

Share This article Now that Windows 10 is finally shipping, the question of DirectX compatibility is going to move from a marketing bullet point to a tangible issue for users. For more than a year, AMD and

In the Now: Chill out with thousands at The Big Quiet

Stephen Wilson/Stephen Wilson The Big Quiet group meditation session in Central Park drew more than 1,000 people. HUSH FALLS OVER THE CROWD A crew of hip young New Yorkers have started The Big Quiet — group meditations

JCPenney worker sent home over 'too revealing' shorts

Courtesy of Sylvia Stoel Sylvia Stoel, 17, of Sioux Falls, S.D. tweeted: “Boss sent me home for wearing “too revealing” shorts that I bought from the store I work at in the career section.” JCPenney is big

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s brother upset over unwanted attention

Bravo/Bravo via Getty Images Pops Brown, Whitney Houston, Tommy Brown (front row l-r) Bobby Brown Jr., La’princia Brown, Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina Brown. All the attention the Houston and Brown family has gotten since the death of

Drake, Meek Mill and 5 more hip hop beefs

Tim Mosenfelder/WireImage After being accused of using a ghostwriter, Drake released two diss records against his music rival, Meek Mill. Though the genre has experienced many phases since its inception – including the politically-charged era of the

MH370 found? New debris off the coast of Madagascar sparks immediate investigation

Share This article Ever since MH370 went down in the Indian Ocean (at least, according to the best-available data), pundits, amateur enthusiasts, deep sea salvage experts, and whackjob conspiracy theorists have hotly debated the final resting place

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