Quite a long time ago, there was a man who professed to be an extremely rich person. He ose to the stature of Web popularity after he was shot passing out heaps of trade and extravagant autos out the lanes. Be that as it may, nobody, not by any means the experts in Toronto, appears to know who he truly is.

The mystery  goes back to September 5, when the first of what might turn into a progression of recordings seemed on the web.

Given like a narrative, he presents himself as an individual from a standout amongst the most “great families”. The clasp at that point indicates him conveying a sack with one million dollars in 500 euro charges, which he coolly puts at the feet of a vagrant sitting on the asphalt of a  road.

After two weeks, a second video surfaced. In it, the eccentric  extremely rich person clarifies that he is resolved to battle against the common culture of consumerism. Utilizing Apple’s new iPhone 5 for instance, he says that he “doesn’t see how individuals can put 500 dollars [into] a seemingly insignificant detail that way, and after that they can’t give two euros to individuals who [don’t have enough to] eat.” He at that point continues to purchase the greatest number of iPhone 5 as he can, which he throws into a garbage receptacle.

The third and latest video demonstrates Whani giving an apple-red Ferrari to two young ladies purportedly burdened northern rural areas. The recording demonstrates the two ladies sitting in the auto, smiling from ear to ear while expressing gratitude toward their recently discovered promoter.

The strange video arrangement was grabbed by a blog featured on French day by day Le Monde’s site on October 13 and 14, which has since gotten a storm of remarks from perusers energetic for gifts from the baffling extremely rich person.

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