(Picture: Conor Nickerson)

Conor Nickerson is a photographer from Montreal who has recently created an amazing photo series in which he edits his adult-self into his childhood photos.

The series, entitled ‘Childhood’, was inspired after Conor spent some time looking through his old family photos, and wondered what it would look like if he tried to Photoshop his current self into them.

To get started, Conor searched for 90s clothing to help make the photos look more authentic.

He wrote: ‘I gathered all the old hats and t-shirts that I could find (and did my best to look like I belonged in the late 90s / early 2000s), and placed myself into eleven childhood moments.’

everyone delivers Though Conor couldn’t quite match his childhood outfits – he did his best, finding pieces that matched the colours of his younger self’s outfits to make the images look more realistic.

Currently studying jazz at the Schulich School of Music at McGill University, Conor said he learned a lot throughout the creation of the series – and noted how odd it was to see himself today pictured with himself as a child. He said: ‘The result was learning a lot about Photoshop, and an amusing, strange, and surprisingly introspective collection of photos of myself hanging out with myself.’

After looking through his family albums, Conor decided to place himself into eleven of his favourite childhood moments.

Including birthday scenes

Snapshots of days out

Pictures of family gatherings

He tried to dress as appropriately as possible for each photo

And it’s safe to say, he most definitely succeeded

Conor told Metro.co.uk that for the most part, creating the photo series was a ‘fun experience’. He said: ‘Once the photos started coming together and I took a step back, it was a lot of fun to see two versions of myself hanging out.

Any photos recall your memories? Make sure you share this heartwarming childhood photo series with your friends or family!

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