Multitasking Mom At Work Drums Up Support for Other Working Mothers

This multitasking mom has garnered a flood of appreciation and support after her boss posted a photo of her effortlessly juggling job duties with a baby girl in hand.

Melody Blackwell works at Maryland Farms Chiropractic in Brentwood, Tennessee. After enjoying three months of maternal leave with her newborn daughter Nora-Jo, she returned to work last month.

Blackwell’s boss, Dr. Elizabeth Baker, has been working with Blackwell in order to ensure that her work schedule is as flexible as possible in order to accommodate her parenting duties.

Since Blackwell primarily handles insurance billing for the clinic, she has been able to do most of her work from home — but when Baker recently walked past the young mother at her desk during one of her first days back at the office, the chiropractor was impressed by what she saw.

In a viral picture which Baker later uploaded to Facebook, Blackwell can be seen cradling her sleeping baby in one arm while simultaneously cradling a phone against her ear and taking notes with her other hand.

“She makes it look so easy,” marveled Baker.

Struck by her employee’s casual disposition, Baker snapped a photo and posted it to the clinic’s social media page where it was shared hundreds of times.

She says she published the photo in hopes of increasing awareness and support for accommodating working mothers.

“We need more small and large businesses to see this is doable and should be allowed more often! The newborn months are so short,” wrote Baker. “[Blackwell] has transitioned to working from home mostly, but comes in when we need the extra hands. She’s still breastfeeding and baby needs mama!”


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